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If you or someone you care about are struggling with thoughts of suicide,
call or text the National Suicide and Crisis Lifeline @ 988.


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Black Girl Smile 

Black Girls Smiles is in partnership with Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation to provide free therapy sessions for Black teen girls. Mention OSPF and they will move your request to the front of the line and tell you how many free sessions you will receive.

Life is Better With You Here
Commercial #1

Life is Better With You Here
Commercial #2

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — This episode of NBC4’s award-winning series “The Conversation,” focuses on disparities in healthcare for Blacks in central Ohio.

During the program, in addition to hearing about the problems the Black community faces when looking for healthcare, viewers will also hear what steps are being taken, both by for-profit and non-profit entities, to address these health disparities.

Viewers will see a young Ohio Health doctor working to address these shortcomings by involving community members.

About us

Life Is Better With You Here (LIBWYH) is a campaign whose sole focus is to provide resources, support, and love for the Black community who suffer from mental health disorders or suicidal ideation – for those who feel the burden of racism, discrimination, gun violence, poverty, poor school systems, and the absence of adequate mental health resources and want to give up.

We are COMMITTED, PURPOSEFUL, and DELIBERATE in our encouragement and representation in the Black community! The main objective of “Life Is Better With You Here” is to be a reliable resource for people of color who suffer from mental health disorders or suicidal ideation. We are actively identifying and collaborating with those who have suffered in silence while conditioned by a myopic society that says seeking help is a sign of weakness. Negative attitudes and personal beliefs towards people with mental health conditions are pervasive within the U.S. They can be extreme within the Black community due to the stigmas. One study showed that 63% of Black people believe that a mental health condition is a sign of personal weakness. As a result, our community may experience shame and are reluctant to seek help. Suicide is a preventable public health crisis and we need get proactive in addressing it in the Black community.


Our mission is to eliminate the stigma around suicide and mental health disorders in the Black community and provide culturally appropriate support and resources.


Our vision is to build a bridge inside the community and create a safe space for the conversation around suicide and mental health.


Our goal is to prevent suicide in the Black community and to normalize talking about mental health, self-love, and self-care.

Only one in three Black adults who need mental health care receive it.

The suicide rate among Black youth has been found to be increasing faster than any other racial/ethnic group. Black adults living below the poverty line are more than twice as likely to report serious psychological distress than those with more financial security. Additionally, members of the Black community face structural racism, leading to barriers to access for the care and treatment they need.

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We provide youth with quality services in an LGBTQ+ affirming environment. Given the discrimination and harassment that so many of these young adults face, they need comprehensive support to develop pride and security in their LGBTQ+ identities.

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