Suicide Prevention

If you or someone you care about are struggling with thoughts of suicide,
call or text the National Suicide and Crisis Lifeline @ 988.

How to Talk About Suicidal Thoughts

This video provides resources for suicide prevention, information on where you can get personalized support, and info about the risk factors for suicide and warning factors. And it provides parents with what to say and what not to say to a child who tells them that they are feeling suicidal.

It’s not a fair fight. A new movement launches to help parents and kids with cyber addiction and bullying.

Christine Vineis builds big things. She’s done it her whole career and now she’s taking on cyber addiction with her grassroots movement, Families Against Social Media Addiction. As she simply and powerfully says, “it’s not a fair fight’; from algorithms that keep us all engaged to the U.S. Surgeon General with his recent warning that there isn’t enough data to even say if social media is safe for young, growing minds.

Evidence is mounting that social media is a driving factor in the mental health of young people and negative experiences online are leading to increased self-harm and suicide. We need to do more and that’s Chris’ goal. It begins with awareness, which leads to activating voices, which then leads to change. Parents also need more tools and resources, and that’s part of this campaign too.

Listen right now and join a movement with burgeoning roots here in Ohio!